So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
Breanne T 2017

Debbie, Thank you for being such an awesome example of a Health Care Professional and teaching us to be continually better. Terry 2016

Hello Debbie,
First of all I want to say thank you! I feel so honored to have been able to take your training. I have learned so much and I am so grateful!!
These past 6 weeks have flown by and I am sad they have come to an end. I am looking forward to my new career and so happy that I was trained
by the best. You have touched my heart and  I am so honored to have been one of your students. Much gratitude and blessings Natasha M 2016

Miss Debbie, You make the world a better place for all those whose lives you touch. This was a wonderful 6 weeks and fresh air from life.
Thank you Scott 2016

Debbie, Thank you. You are an amazing instructor and this has been a life changing experience.
Love Tisa 2016
Hi Debbie,
You are the most amazing,inspirational,genuine person I have ever met. Thank you for being a  part of my life. Thank you for believing in me I
am forever grateful. Keep on being you!
Love Deborah 2016

Dearest Debbie,
Thank you for your professional guidance and training standards. You are making a difference. Your spirit and smile is contagious..Much Love
Tonya. 2016

Debbie These past 6 weeks have been phenomenal. I have had an amazing time learning and building relationships. Thank you for sharing all of
your knowledge with us.
Daniel May 2016 Term

Thanks Debbie for a fantastic 6 weeks. I learned so much and am very grateful to have been there.
Lisa May 2016 Term

Thank you so much for everything you do and who you are as a person. You are truly amazing!
Debbie M May 2016 Term

Dear Debbie, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful mentor ship of my son Alex.
Not only has he learned valuable career skills but he has grown in confidence and self esteem. He is happier than I have seen him in a long
while. I contribute it to his experiences with you as a person and a teacher. Thank you from this mothers heart!
Nancy. July 2016

Debbie, You are the best instructor I have ever had PERIOD!
Your friend always Rick 2016

You have changed my life for the better THANK YOU!
Daniel 2016

Debbie, You are not only an amazing teacher but also a great soul and person.
Love Lisa 2016

Debbie, I have so much love and respect for you. Thank you for being my teacher!
Love Sarah 2016

Thank you so much for this opportunity. You are a great teacher and even better person!
Harv 2016

I had so much fun learning from you. Thanks!
Angie 2016

Debbie you are the greatest. Thank you for never giving up on us and teaching us how to be "trainable" Emiley 2016

Dear Debbie, Thank you for all of your kindness, positivity and encouraging words. Your class has been priceless!
Kaylee April 2015 Term.

I cannot thank you enough for each and everything you taught me. I am so thankful for you and this class.
Tarra (April 2015 Term)

Debbie, I so appreciated your individual care of all of us in the class. I really loved this class!
Cheryl (April 2015 Term)

Debbie, Thank you so much for adding joy and structure to my life and self worth again. You are a special person.
Vivian, (April 2015 Term)

Debbie, I am so glad our paths crossed. You are an inspiring individual.
Stephanie (April 2015 Term)

Debbie You are awesome and I am totally going to miss you. You have taught me so much and have been a great inspiration.
Erica (Feb 2015 Term)

The last 6 weeks has changed my life. You are a life coach as well as a Clinical Lab assistant instructor. Thank you Thank you!
Jamie (Feb 2015 Term)

Miss Debbie, Your contributions to the universe are as beautiful as your presence in day to day life. You are amazing.
Raeanne (Feb 2015 Term)

Debbie I have has a blast with you and our class. I wish there was a masters in this field so I could stay longer because you make learning so
much fun.
Robert (Feb 2015 Term)

Debbie, Thank you for a great learning experience. I am glad I found your class and made the choice to take it.
Jennifer (Feb 2015 Term)

Debbie, You have been an amazing teacher and I have learned so much!! I will miss seeing you every week.
Vanessa (Feb 2015 Term)

You are awesome ,Thanks for such a great experience. Claudine (April 2014 Term)

Debbie I am going to miss you and this class. Thank you for everything!
Melissa (April 2014 Term)

Debbie, This has been the time of my life. YOU made it Amazing. The person you are and the light you bring to others is beautiful. Keep
shining!  (April Term 2015)

Debbie You are by far the most groovey person ever!!!!!!
Grant (April 2014 Term)

Thank you for the knowledge you have given us. The confidence you have taught us. Keep it up. We love you and your school!
Clare (Jan 2014 Term)

Debbie R. You are a highly motivating and inspiring woman. I am thankful you came into my life. The lessons you taught helped me grow as a
woman and a phlebotomist.
Michelle (Jan 2014 Term)

You are a great instructor. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience. Martin (January 2014 Term)

Debbie I had so much fun and learned a lot from your class. Thank you for everything Debbie. You help so many people. Keep up the good work.
Dylan (Jan 2014 Term)

Thank you for the amazing time and training you gave to all of us. Jonathan (Jan 2014 Term )


West Coast Phlebotomy Inc Receives 2013 and 2014 Best of Oregon City Award

Oregon City Award Program Honors the Achievement

OREGON CITY  -- West Coast Phlebotomy Inc has been selected for the 2013 and 2014 Best of Oregon City Award in the Phlebotomy School
category by the Oregon City Award Program.

Each year, the Oregon City Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local
community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers
and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Oregon City area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The  Oregon City Award Program focuses on
quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Oregon City Award Program and data
provided by third parties.

About Oregon City Award Program

The Oregon City Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the
Oregon City area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to
generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Oregon City Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community.

Ok Debbie I don’t know what you are doing but it is working, I just hired 2 more of your graduates. The majority of the people working for me
are from West Coast Phlebotomy.  
Great Job.  
Stan W: Lab Mgr WVMC

Hello you! I hope all is well for you! I follow you on face book and see that you are rather busy with setting out new phlebs into this world! I just
wanted to take a minute now that my life has slowed down a bit and thank you! I was beyond amazed at how the structure of your school helped me
in EVERY aspect to getting this job!  Now that I am actually hands on in the clinic I am notice for my techniques that YOU taught me! I am
told almost everyday how trainable and easy I catch onto things in this clinic, and I truly believe that is because of the way you dedicated your
attention to detail with us as students. If I can say one thing to you it would be THANK YOU! You are the best and I miss you! Jamiee J

Thank you for all that you do. I appreciated your upbeat,bubbly personality and your calmness and ability to teach us in such a positive manner...
Nikki C Oct Term 2013

Debbie, you are not only an amazing instructor but a true inspiration...Sheila B Oct Term 2013

Thank you for making this class so enjoyable and teaching me so much...Ellen Oct Term 2013

Thank you for making me to be more confident. Olga Oct Term 2013

Debbie, Thank you Thank you Thank you, You saw so much in me that most people don't and you gave me the opportunity of a life time. Sean S
Oct Term 2013

Debbie, We can't thank you enough for your influence on our son during your class. He needed your positive attitude and it made a real
difference. Thanks again and to your continued success. Glen and Marybeth G Parents of your Sept Term 2013 Graduate

Debbie, Thank you so much for being the awesome teacher that you are. Thank you for creating a great classroom setting. Thank you for teaching
us the skills one on one that we need to have. Thank you for helping us to have fun and still learn from the lessons. Thank you for the no
drama/gossip/cell phone rules so that the environment was about learning and helping each other. Thank you for your school and for believing in
each of us and empowering our confidence.
Thank you for being you...Breanna F April Term 2013

Debbie, First of all thank you for everything. For teaching me in your school. You are beyond awesome so keep doing what you do. I learned so
much in your class. I am really glad to know you. Just so you know you made a difference in my life..Olga Z April Term 2013

Just wanted to let you know that you have made a big difference in my life. Thank you so much for everything. If I had it to do all over again I
would not change anything...Annabelle M 4/2013

Dear Debbie, Some have a gift for helping others to see the world as a place of possibility-Some impart wisdom or comfort and care-Some point
out the path and some take you there. Some warm the heart with a human touch. YOU HAVE ALL OF THESE GIFTS..You have changed my
life in so many ways there are not enough words to say thank you! Brandy C May Term 2013

Thank you for training me in the Health care profession. You stand behind the values of compassion,consistency,humility and much more. I know
I will be a better phlebotomist because of your approach. Wishing you the best always.. Kara M May term 2013

Hey Debbie, I can't even tell you how happy I am that I found your school. You have taught me more about life in general than any other class
I've taken. It has definitely taught maturity and just for that reason alone I think everyone wanting to be in the health care profession should take
it. I never really knew what kind of a career i wanted but after 6 weeks with you I KNOW that this is what I want to do. You have taught us that
this is a career where rewards are measured by the lives that you touch. Thank you so much for that... Brittany V May Term 2013

Debbie Reasoner, The best things in life aren't things.....They are teachers like you! Thank you so much for all that you do.. You are totally
awesome and i will always strive to keep you proud of me by always practicing what and how you taught me. You make learning fun..Jeannette E 5-

Hi Debbie,
Two years ago I graduated you're phlebotomy program with high hopes of becoming a skilled phlebotomist and emergency department technician. I
am now on my way to completing nursing school and a successful emergency tech. The skills, knowledge and training I received through West
Coast were phenomenal! My skills and techniques are well above satisfactory per managers and clients. So, I just wanted to say thank you! Today
while shopping I met a current student of yours, whom was shopping for an interview outfit. She said she was a pre-med student. Her excitement
to enter into the medical field and her confidence in herself and her knew found skills were inspiring. Reminding me why I wanted to become a
medical professional and turn my passions into reality. I wish you all the best, and hope and pray that young lady relishes in her new profession
as much as I do. Thank you again!

Roxana Roller

Debbie Thank you so much for everything. Before I started your class I had very little confidence in my self. I let others limit me by
their words. You helped teach me that I can rise above all of that. I feel so important now and smart and I know I can make a
difference in other peoples lives. You have taught me so much about phlebotomy and I am so grateful for that but what I am most
grateful for is how you have helped to mold my attitude to really think about others first. I have been taught that but the way you
teach and live it really touched my heart. I will always think of your example. I have really enjoyed these past few weeks with you
and the others in the class. Thank you so much for your time,Patience and compassion. I will never forget the difference you have
made in my life. Love Cheyanne H January 2013 Term

Debbie-Thank you so much for the awesome teacher that you are. Thank you for being picky in the interview
process and creating a great classroom setting. Thank you for teaching us the skill we need to have in
this career. Thank you for the fun we had while still learning the lessons. Thank you for always being
there. Thank you for the no drama no gossip NO PHONE rules that enabled us to learn and help each other.
Thank you for teaching us to live in the moment. Thank you for your school. Thank you for believing in
each of us and empowering our confidence. Thank you for the pickle but most of all Thank you for being
you. Breanna F. April 2013 Term

I enrolled at WCPI for a very specific reason and believed I would graduate with the skills to pursue a career in Phlebotomy or a related field. In
fact, I and my classmates all got so much more than we bargained for. The expertly delivered training in both the classroom and laboratory far
exceeded my expectations. Debbie is more than a Phlebotomy Instructor, she is a mentor and life coach who touches the lives of all who make a
serious commitment to further their careers by attending WCPI. Coming to WCPI as a seasoned business professional with an extensive
background in business office management, I was delighted and grateful to learn that many others in the working class also had a strong desire to
set and expect a very high level of expectations and professionalism. Not only did WCPI set extremely high standards and expectations, the
students hand selected by the Director of WCPI embraced and either met or exceeded them. I know those students in my graduating class will
continue to set superior standards and expectations as they go forward with their WCPI experience and penetrate the work force whether that be
in the field of Phlebotomy or another field. I made an excellent choice to attend WCPI and will carry that experience with me into the future.
Others I encounter will benefit from my WCPI experience indirectly as my path crosses theirs. A heartfelt thank you to Debbie Reasoner and
West Coast Phlebotomy! ( Ron G)

" I loved the atmosphere. I enjoyed the creative,open and fun classroom. 6 weeks is not a long time and Debbie's teaching set the tone for being
relaxed and happy. She encouraged us to give the Phlebotomy profession a make over by teaching us to treat our new career with respect and
dignity. She is raising the bar and singlehandedly changing how people in the medical industry treat the CPT.She is helping to give us more clout,
purpose and dignity.
Thank you!

"Thank You, You have been the kindest, gentlest,funniest teacher I have ever had..Thank you for being the calm guiding hand behind my
nervousness. I am glad that life brought us together for this experience and I hope to stay in touch..Thank you. Ryan W"

" You are a true gift from the universe. When I decided to pursue a career in medicine, I never imagined I would find such a kind,caring and
compassionate guide to lead me through this process..Thank you for being you. Much Love Lisa B"

"Debbie, Thank you so much for opening up your school. I have learned so much and have had an amazing time doing it. When I am out there
working I will think of you and will never forget the valuable information you taught me "Thank You" Teah V"

" You have been such a positive influence for me. I have learned a great deal from you and your school. Not only in Phlebotomy skills but in life
lessons. You have such a positive outlook on life and it has been a wonderful blessing to get to know you the past 6 weeks. Thank you so much for
everything.Always Ashley E"

" I had such a great time in your class. I am very grateful I had the experience of your peppy personality. I not only learned Phlebotomy, I also
learned how to set my mind free and live in the moment. You taught me to enjoy the little things in life more. Thank you for the last 6 weeks that
were so fun filled and packed with learning.Ashlee C."

" You are a phenomenal teacher! This past 6 weeks has been so awesome! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take your training. Your a
rockstar..I will take with me everything you taught me. And that is because you believed in me..Love always Angie W"

"Debbie WOW Where do I begin-Thank you seems like such a small word compared to what you have done for me these last 6 weeks. I have
learned so much in your class, not only about Phlebotomy but about staying in the moment. Life is good and I am so blessed that you were a part
of my journey..Thank you again LeAnn R"

“The level of service at West Coast Phlebotomy Inc. is fantastic. Having been a student, I am impressed by the professionalism the school
represents. Thank you!” (Lori M)

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a school you can trust. West Coast Phlebotomy Inc. was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know
why – the quality of education I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!” (John H)

Thank you for developing a wonderful course.  I am noticing how much easier my A & P class is than I thought it would be since I have already
touched on much of what we are covering now.  Also, it was clear that the head-phleb at my interview was impressed at the amount of knowledge I
have about the job, without having the work experience.  You really do run a wonderful school and I am so glad I was able to be one of your
students!  (Carrie J)

"You have the heart of a teacher and will touch many lives in a positive way. These days....It is not often there are people with your expectations
and standards. Thank you for sharing yours with makes the world better place. You have been a big part of my new adventure in life.
Thank you for your strength and wisdom.
With Heart Felt Care(Teresa F)"

"Your class was so incredibly awesome! I feel so empowered by what you have taught me and not just phlebotomy.I was at a point in my life when
I truly needed a kindred spirit like you to bring to light the things you have.I could never thank you enough.(Leslie F)"

" I just wanted to thank you for this training program. For the first time in my life I finally feel like my future,my hopes and my dreams are
starting fall into place. It is such an exciting and wonderful feeling. Your class was so much more then I ever thought it would be. I want you to
know that I truly admire you as an instructor,a medical professional,a phlebotomist and as a wonderful person. Thank you for making this such a
great experience.(Brandi M)"

"Never have I enjoyed a class so much. Thanks for your caring support and guidance it has been a great experience.(Liz)"

" You are a great person. Thank you for making such a HUGE difference in my life. God Bless You (Lyuba)"

"Thank you Thank you for all of the "Pickles". Everyday I felt you gave this class the best you had. I know that taking this class was destiny. I
enjoyed every minute of it. (Carissa H)"

"Thanks so much this class was awesome! I have learned so much and I really feel like now I have a new career.I plan to use all that you taught
us with confidence and compassion. I am going to miss this class. you truly have a gift for teaching people. Thank you for doing what you do.
( Erin )"

" Thank you for having the faith in me that I needed to see for myself. This has been a great experience and I leave here with great expectations.

"You are an amazing teacher. We were so lucky to get to be inspired by you.I am so Thankful.(Jacob)"

"Thank you for all the guidance and for being such an awesome teacher.I have had so much fun here and you have impacted my life so much.You
have a wonderful talent as a teacher and singer. I enjoyed every minute of coming to your class.(Jennifer P)"

"Thank you for an awesome class! I'll admit when I signed up for this class I expected to learn phlebotomy. I did not expect to have so much fun
or that I would learn so much about myself,however. Thank you for this added "pickle". There are several things I learned here above and beyond
phlebotomy that I will take with me and use in life as well as my career. Thanks again, this was a great ride" (Elizabeth M)

"I can't thank you enough for your teaching,guidance,love and care! You and your school are incredible and I will do my best to make you proud."
(Laurie W)

"This course is amazing Thank you! (Cate B)

"WOW you are so incredible! I have had so many instructors going through school and you are by far #1. Thanks for everything."(Lynn H)

"It has been incredible getting to know you and learning from you. Thank you for being yourself and passing on your knowledge and passion for
this profession." (Kirsten-Oct 2012 Term)

" Debbie,Thank you so much for giving me this excellent experience. Best 6 weeks of college I have ever had. You are a wonderful person inside
and out. Thank you" (Krystal- Oct 2012 Term)

"I cannot express how much I have enjoyed taking this class. I couldn't imagine a better person to learn this profession from. Thank you"
(Dillon- Oct 2012 Term)

"I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for us. You are the best instructor I have ever had" (Ryan-Oct 2012 Term)

"Thank you very much for everything. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to go to your school. It was a wonderful experience and you are
a wonderful person.(Amalia-Oct 2012 Term)

"Debbie, You have seriously been the best instructor I have had. I will never forget my time here. Thank you a ton. You Rock" (Ismael- Oct
2012 Term)

"I am so thankful I was able to meet you. Thank you for everything, you are an amazing woman" (Jaimee-Oct 2012 Term)

"Thank you for everything and for this opportunity. I will always remember this class"
(Matt-Oct 2012 Term)

"Thank you so much for picking me to be in your class.I have had so much fun and have learned so much. Thank you for everything."(Stefani-Oct
2012 term)

"Debbie,"People will forget what you said...People will forget what you did...But people will never forget how you made them feel and you made me
feel AWESOME. I can never say it enough Thank you" (Joan-Oct 2012 Term)

" I wanted to let you know I LOVE MY NEW CAREER and I use everything you taught me. Please continue to teach the way that you do.
Your encouragement,wisdom and compassion for people honestly does get used in this profession by your students. You have made a huge difference
in my life. Thankyou sooooo much..Regina B

" Debbie I miss you. What great class we had. I was so fortunate to have found your school and learn from the best teacher in Oregon! I had a
fantastic time coming in every morning and being in such a happy and positive atmosphere. You are always a breath of fresh air.
Thank you again for all that you do for all of us. (Lizzy.M)

" I am so grateful for the experience I had as a student at WCPI. Debbie has a wonderful ability to connect with her students and her talent for
teaching simple concepts as well as more advanced topics are both truly superior. She has excellent communication skills,is extremely organized
and reliable.
During the classes she engaged us in open discussions about medical and phlebotomy topics,as well as subjects related to patient care and
professionalism. Debbie has a calm yet firm manner when interacting with students. She teaches with passion and an individualized style. Her
lessons have been thought out with professionalism and with eager anticipation.
Debbie offered me valuable guidance on how to apply for a position as a phlebotomist and helped me build a professional resume. As a result of
her assistance I have already found a position in this field. I would not hesitate to recommend Debbie and West Coast Phlebotomy to anyone who
is interested in a career in the medical field.( Bianca M.")
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