Fees and Payment and Schedule Information
We also offer a Red Cross Blood Drive Here Each term.             


Classes last 5 1/2 to 6 weeks.
Monday through Wednesday 7:30am to 2:30pm.
You can request an application sent to you as an attachment via email.
Below are the 'Start and End class dates'

January 2nd to February 8th- Completed
February 21st to March 29th- Completed
April 10th to May 17th- Taking Applications/ Enrolling for this term
May 30th to June 28th- Taking Applications for this term
July 17th to August 23rd- Taking Applications for this term
September 5th to October 11th -Taking Applications for this term
October 23rd to November 29th -Taking Applications for this term
Price increase begins with the April 10th Term (See Below)
Tuition and Fees
Application Fee:        $  50.00 (Paid at the time the application is sent to the school) (non
Registration Fee:       $150.00 (Paid when accepted into the class)
Tuition:                     $2225.00
Supplies/Text books:$ 695.00
Liability Ins:               $  40.00
Total program cost     $3160.00*
  • Students need to purchase their own White Knee length Lab Coat and stethoscope,  
    Student must purchase these items on their own.

  • We accept Checks,money orders and cash. ( credit cards excepted  through pay pal)
  • Balance due one week prior to class beginning
  • Student scholarships thru outside funding agencies may be available.
  • We are working with Work Source,Vocational Rehab and WIA. You may contact them
    through your local Employment Department-Portland Community College or
    Clackamas Community College
Tuition and fee policy
  1. You may cancel enrollment prior to entering classes by giving written notice to the school.
  2. If cancellation occurs within five business days of enrollment and prior to commencement of class, you will
    receive 100% refund.
  3. If cancellation occurs after five business days of enrollment and prior to the commencement of class, the
    $150.00 registration fee will be charged.
  4. If student withdraws or enrollment is terminated after entering classes the following will apply:
a) If a student withdraws or enrollment is terminated prior to completion of 50% of the instructional program
contract, the student shall be entitled to the prorated refund of the total tuition charged for such instructional
program minus a $25.00 withdraw fee.
b) Upon completion of 50% of instruction, No Refunds.

Note:  When a cancellation, Termination, or completion occurs, a calculation of all allowable charges shall be
made, using the last recorded date of attendance if any as a baseline.

Student Grievance Policy: Students aggrieved by the actions of the school should attempt to resolve these issues
with the appropriate school officials. If this procedure fails, and if the allegation asserts that the school has
violated an Oregon Law, students may contact the Higher Education Coordinating Commission
Licensed by the Oregon
Department of Education
Lenders may make a loan available to you.  Look for scholarships from businesses, or
community organizations, Workforce Development, Vocational Rehabilitation, or similar
agencies in your county. Industries who are closing or putting employees on lay-off may
also pay for retraining in another line of work.  

We do not have a federal “school code.”  Only very large schools qualify for the
government student loan program.  Our small size does not qualify under the government
student loan program.  The upside to our small size is the personal attention you get in

*Please make sure you have contacted the school and completed all the requirements
before you pay for the class using Pay Pal.
*We accept Cash, Checks and money orders through the school,and Visa, Master card,
American Express, and Discover through Pay Pal.
*Use the button below to pay for your class.
*Pay Pal charges a fee to use their service.
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