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You can print an application from the link above or you can request an application via email.

Below is our schedule for our 2017 classes


Classes last 5 1/2 to 6 weeks.
Monday through Wednesday 7:30am to 2:30pm.
You can request an application sent to you as an attachment via email.

January 2nd to February 8th- Completed
February 21st to March 29th- Completed
*April 10th to May 17th- Taking Applications/Enrolling for this term
May 30th to June 28th- Taking Applications for this term
July 17th to August 23rd- Taking Applications for this term
September 5th to October 11th -Taking Applications for this term
October 23rd to November 29th -Taking Applications fir this term

Red Cross Blood Drive Here Each Term.

*Price increase begins with the April 10th Term (See Below)
Tuition and Fees
Application Fee:        $  50.00 (Paid at the time the application is sent to the school) (non refundable)
Registration Fee:       $150.00 (Paid when accepted into the class)
Tuition:                     $2225.00
Supplies/Text books:$ 695.00
Liability Ins:               $  40.00
Total program cost     $3160.00*
Licensed by the Oregon
Department of Education
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West Coast Phlebotomy Inc.
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You can request an application
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